Community Guide

Job Description
Community Guides partner with individuals with intellectual disabilities and provide support desired to help someone achieve their goals. This service helps connect individuals to resources in their community, and supports them to participate, engage, and integrate into the community. This service is available to people who are recieving support from the Developmental Disability Administration or by private pay.


 A community guide or community engagement provider will:

• Schedule time to meet with people they support each week (average is 4 hours per person they support)

• Help people explore community resources, based on their interests and needs.

• Help people maintain family/friend relationships or develop new healthy relationships with others.

• Support you with participating in community activities within your budget.


A community guide will work with people of all ages, sexes, races, and disability types. They may also have others in the car who the person would like to spend time with. Regardless of an individuals method of communication, it is important that guides speak clearly and respectfully. A community guide is a physical accommodation; so providing all the support that someone wants or needs (money management, traffic safety, restroom support, scheduling assistance, communication clarifications, technology assistance) is required.

 When a stranger speaks to you, instead of the person/people you are with, direct their question to tothers as appropriate. Never discuss someone’s disability. Maintain confidentiality. Always protect an individuals physical safety and health. Know how to reach out in case of an emergency and ask for help when needed. 


People you may work with will have a broad range of skills, interests and abilities. Promote Independence and always encourage everyone to do more of the tasks in the community that they may not have as much experience with (order and pay yourself when eating out, learn to use the bus, make phone calls), that help them interact with others (recreation groups, visit friends/family, employment, college) or try out new things of interest (art, cooking, gyms, travel).

Quality Question Test:
Are we treating the people I support with respect and authority? Is my car clean, am I on time, and am I setting my  schedule with others in mind? Am I communicating with others and keeping my documents up to date?


Do I know the goals of the people I support? Did we create a plan together? Are these activities helping? Am I listening, prioritizing, and helping them achieve the things they want? Are I helping the people I support maintain lasting unpaid relationships, becoming more independent, achieving their goals? 

Compensation and Benefits
$15 per hour to start, 32-40 hours per week

Benefits: flexible scheduling, work phone, mileage reimbersement, time bonuses, and 95% of time spent with people in the community

To apply email Sue Allen at

1910 4th Ave E  pmb133, Olympia, WA 98506-4632, United States